Growth Marketing Services

Deeply invested in curating individualized strategies to help your business flourish, The Flower Agency employs several tactics such as Branding, Graphic Design, Paid Social, Programmatic, and SEO/SEM. These growth operations dig into your brand identity, composing a story that nurtures leads, fosters relationships with current customers, and targets re-engagement towards conversion.

Taking a holistic approach to marketing means looking at the customer lifecycle to formulate unique business plans for each company. We acutely research your target demographic, previously successful projects, and consumer preferences to water your budding business goals. Our strategic techniques ensure that brands of all stages have the best solutions to increase their selling footprint and gain the same level of variety as any mainstream brand.

Omni-Channel Strategy for every Size Organization

The Flower Agency offers customizable plans for organizations of all sizes. We work with you to determine where your team needs support.
Customize a marketing plan and strategy around that. We can be your full-service marketing agency or your strategic project partner.

Branding & Design

The Flower Agency knows that branding is more than a product, a campaign, or an A/B test. Successful branding stems from a story–how the customers feel when they see your media and interact with your content including content creation, product photos and strategic launch strategy. From product design, media display, and social ads, we focus on skillfully turning strategic ideas into art through graphic design. Blending skillfully written content and copy with eye-catching graphic design attracts viewers in your exact demographic.


Acting as an extension of your team, Programmatic marketing brings new ideas and strategies to expand your brand's footprint and increase authentic engagement. Our innovative approach places the customer at the forefront of each tactic to connect with their constantly changing behaviors. You will have full transparency where you can look at publishers, impressions, CTR, and lower funnel conversions like sales and order value. Each programmatic strategy comes with a dashboard that offers further analytics on your audience’s psychographic, behavioral, and demographic profiles. This deep customer insight is a powerful tool to make smarter decisions when planning future marketing activities.


Beyond curating a calendar for website content, we optimize your content for highly relevant keywords to increase organic traffic. We perform a thorough technical audit of your website to ensure the content is both seen by bots and resonating with viewers. We offer strategic paid search advertising strategies as well, with years of expertise at surpassing Google Ad's standards and regulations.

Social Media

With the goal of generating and re-engaging leads, The Flower Agency ensures prospective customers receive relevant content via social & email. We leverage content creators, tastemakers, and influencers so that customers have fun and trustworthy interactions with brands. Paid social is designed to increase marketing efficiency while garnering authentic attention from new customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is helps to build trust with potential customers. People are more likely to trust the recommendations of someone they know and respect than a brand that they don't know. The Flower Agency helps to boost your brand through managing influencer parternships.

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