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The Flower Agency


The Flower Agency develops holistic digital marketing strategies for cannabis brands, dispensaries and retailers.

With expertise in identifying the most lucrative omnichannel approach for your brand’s goals, we dig deep to research your current marketplace position and the customer lifecycle to determine your brand’s unique KPIs and budget allocation so that your company can flourish.

We plant seeds by strategically incorporating Programmatic, Connected TV, Digital Out of Home, CRM Management, Brand Strategy and Organic Social Media Content to reach your target audience.

The Growth Process

Offering a holistic approach to marketing, we specialize in everything from brand awareness and customer acquisition to re-engagement and increased conversion. We grow brands by defining goals, crafting strategies, and measuring results.

Define Your Goals

Plant the seeds.
A flourishing brand starts with clear, measurable goals for each campaign. After learning your business needs, struggles, and successes, we develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on strategic, targeted improvements.

Measure your results

Enjoy the growth.
While you focus on other aspects of your business, we track all campaign data and results in real-time. Measuring your results and turning complex data into an easy-to-understand stories is crucial to guide further analysis, optimization, and success for your cannabis or CBD organization.

Craft Your Strategy

Water with Care.
After establishing measurable goals, we craft your marketing strategy for authentic customer acquisition. Using geographic, demographic, and transactional data, we reach your exact target audience to form strategic brand awareness and drive sales. Deeply knowing your audience and delivering on-target marketing is the first step in every successful strategy.

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Performance Marketing

By working with The Flower Agency, you gain a partner. We work as an extension of your team to grow your brand from first-touch to customer conversion.