Innovative Marketing for 4/20

If you’re looking to get ahead in cannabis marketing in New York, one of the most important steps is establishing a good brand presence. That means developing a unique and recognizable style that stands out from the competition. From choosing an effective logo to crafting your marketing messaging, it all comes together to create a memorable customer experience every time they engage with your brand. Aside from creating a brand that consumers feel aligned with, there are many other aspects of marketing and starting your business that you should be aware of.

With the popularity and acceptance of medical and recreational cannabis increasing, it’s no surprise that cannabis enthusiasts’ favorite holiday, 4/20, has become a significant way for businesses to showcase their support and creativity. If you are looking for some innovative and entertaining cannabis campaign ideas, here are four of our favorite 4/20 marketing campaigns:


Because it’s an ice cream company, you might be surprised to learn that Ben & Jerry’s has no chill. On 4/20, 2022, the ice cream company said, “Legalizing cannabis without justice is Half Baked!” in reference to people of color still being incarcerated for cannabis — even in states that had legalized it. Their social justice campaign is an excellent example of companies that go above and beyond just marketing their product. On this “fun” holiday, they chose to voice their social beliefs, which many of their customers found admirable. 


The innovative food company with the famous and beloved pizza rolls also dabbles in creating powerful campaigns to celebrate and bring awareness to 4/20. In the last few years, their hashtag #BetterWhenBaked has made its rounds across popular social media platforms for its creative wordplay. Totinos figured out a way to introduce their food product into the cannabis world by using a pun. We love to see it. What a fun and creative way to advertise.


Weedmaps, an online cannabis marketplace, created a virtual 4/20 campaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic called “Even Higher Together,” hosted by Snoop Dogg with co-headliners A$AP Rocky and Jhené Aiko. This campaign aimed to promote unity and inclusivity within the cannabis community while bringing awareness to the importance of criminal justice reform, decarceration, and equity in cannabis for people of color. Weedmaps has maintained brand consistency since its inception, as they have always advocated for legalization, education, and social justice, in a fun and exciting way.


Wingstop is a company that knows its audience. In celebration of 4/20, the wing joint released a limited-edition, cannabis-inspired flavor called Blazed & Glazed. Crafted with a blend of hemp seeds, terpenes, strawberries, and cayenne pepper, the new flavor was designed to taste like 4/20. Even though the flavor didn’t get you high, it still lit a conversation about cannabis and Wingstop’s favored dish on a holiday when most are exceptionally hungry. 

If you are looking for help developing creative and strategic ideas for a 4/20 marketing campaign, The Flower Agency is a remote marketing agency that specializes in cannabis marketing and advertising. Our in-house team can assist in creating cannabis-friendly 4/20 campaigns that are effective and result-driven to get your business in the cannabis conversation while still hitting your target audience. Contact us to spark your marketing and advertising strategy.