The Flower Agency’s Favorite 4/20 Marketing Campaigns This Year

4/20 marketing campaigns 2024

As cannabis gains wider acceptance and, subsequently, becomes more mainstream, 420 has grown seemingly just as popular as its family-friendly (sort-of) counterpart, Earth Day. This surge in popularity has led the celebration to extend beyond cannabis companies and frequent consumers. In recent years, brands in food, fashion, lifestyle, and other sectors have also infused the unique angle of 4/20 into their marketing efforts, with more creativity and frequency than ever this year.

Complete with memes, candles, and plenty of food, these are the 4/20 marketing campaigns that intrigued The Flower Agency the most this year.

Nolita Dirtbag x Malin + Goetz

Nolita Dirtbag x Malin + Goetz 420 marketing campaign
Image via Nolita Dirtbag

In an unconventional collaboration between a meme page known for picking fun at Nolita folk and a luxury lifestyle brand that inhabits and caters to those trendy streets between Noho and Little Italy, Malin + Goetz teamed up with @nolitadirtbag to promote its cannabis-scented candles and 20th-anniversary block party on April 20th. The ironic post playfully mocks the lifestyle brand’s “normie” target market, while still managing to portray it in a positive light.

Tipsy Scoop x Cann

Tipsy Scoop x Cann 420 marketing campaign
Image via Tipsy Scoop

Combining what gives you munchies with one of the best munchies food possible, Tipsy Scoop and Cann’s 4/20 partnership is a match made in stoner heaven. Cann’s cannabis-infused seltzers were mixed with Tipsy Scoop’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice cream to create three different floats for the week of 4/20 only.

Pizza Pizza Pre-Rolls

These are no dispensary pre-rolls but they might be your Italian grandmother’s. Highly aware of its target market, Pizza Pizza went all out for 4/20 with pizza rolled up like pre-rolls, a four pizzas for $20 deal, and a “hot box” giveaway. The “hot box” being a pizza box-sized rolling tray complete with rolling materials and a pizza pre-roll. Alongside the giveaway, Pizza Pizza partnered with a few influencers who showcased their own hot box while promoting the special item and deals.

Wingstop’s THC Wings

Wingstop 420 cannabis marketing campaign
Image via Wingstop

In other hot box news, Wingstop rolled out their own version with an exclusive “THC” flavor. That’s THC as in The Hot Chili, not tetrahydrocannabinol.

Popeyes $4.20 Chicken Sandwich

Popeye's 420 weed marketing campaign
Image via Popeyes

It’s almost impossible to find a decent bite for under $5 these days, so while we expected some sort of $4.20 deal, we didn’t have the highest of hopes. But Popeyes delivered with $4.20 chicken sandwiches for the whole week of 4/20— we’ll take it. Though the best part of the campaign may just be the comments of what’s assumed to be Popeyes workers stating along the lines of, “Since y’all are chill with it, I’m gonna smoke at work.”

Weed2Wear’s Mylar Jacket

Weed2Wear x Shaindel 420 campaign
Image via Shaindel x Ari Serrano

It might not match much if any of your wardrobe but it’s been made and it’s recycled and vegan. Promoting Weed2Wear’s mylar bag jacket, local cannabis influencer @shainde1 rolls into @pleaselookatmyas’ shot rocking the vibrant outerwear on 4/20.

Bic’s Slow Burn Sessions ft. Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Martha Stewart

Bic 420 slow burn sessions
Image via Bic

Providing four hours and twenty minutes of wholesome stoner entertainment in time for 4/20, Bic’s Slow Burn Sessions featured cannabis greats Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Martha Stewart as they lit up and chatted about an array of lighthearted topics.